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Want to get the word out fast about your products or services?

Want to get the word out fast about your products or services?

Want to get the word out fast about your products or services?
Partner with andy Lopez* aka Invisible Gardener

Want to get the word out fast about your products or services?

Partner with

andy Lopez* aka Invisible Gardener on

What are you putting in your soil? How are you dealing with garden pests and diseases? Conventional horticulture assaults the earth with pesticides and chemicals, sucking essential nutrients from the soil with each harvest. Organic gardening offers a healthier, more productive, and more sustainable alternative. andy Lopez, a.k.a. the Invisible Gardener, started his business in 1970 and through his radio show 'DON'T PANIC! IT'S ORGANIC!' he reveals how to work in partnership with your garden while consuming less energy and producing fewer greenhouse gases.

andy Lopez, is an Organic Pioneer, and is a well-known, respected authority on organic gardening! He is also an Environmentalist, Speaker, Author, Columnist, Consultant and Radio Talk Show Host! He has published many books (21) (on Amazon) and articles for newspapers and magazines, and speaks at corporations around the world on subjects ranging from natural ant control, natural tree care, how to have a safe clean environment & healthy pets. andy helps motivate his listeners into becoming active on how to take control of chemical issues. andy's books, article blogs and past shows are available on his website at: He writes a weekly column for the Surfside News in Malibu Ca. His Blog is available for anyone to read.

'DON'T PANIC! IT'S ORGANIC!' radio show features topics on the importance of having 'living' soil; natural tree care; how you can control bark beetles and other pests and diseases; the correct way to make use of compost and mulch and why we make it in the first place; how to reduce your garden’s water needs and much more! andy's weekly show is for both professional and amateur gardeners alike and is a mix of andy’s organic gardening wisdom, environmental philosophy, music and musings!

andy's guests include Local, National and International figures from all areas on the Organic Gardening spectrum with discussions concerning a wide range topics! 'DON'T PANIC! IT'S ORGANIC!' radio show is growing fast on the BBS Radio Network and is syndicated on iTunes and many on-demand syndicated portals.

The show airs every Saturday at 1pm Pacific / 3pm Central / 4pm Eastern! After the live broadcast, the show becomes a permanent podcast!

Listen LIVE at: or catch the podcast on iTunes or on the website

Join andy Lopez, aka The Invisible Gardener, at ClubIG to promote safe and sensible organic practices!

The Andy Lopez Story

ANDREW LOPEZ, The Invisible Gardener, grew up in Hialeah, Florida where he was first introduced to the use of Organics by his mother who grew her own fruits and vegetables naturally. This exposure to organic gardening techniques laid the foundation of Andrew’s philosophy and, in 1970, after serving 2 years in the U.S. Navy he entered the University of Florida, in Gainesville, and he currently has a B.S. degree from the University of Phoenix in Business. In 1972, He founded The Invisible Gardener, Inc. with the intention of making an impact on the world’s environmental problems and to educate and provide alternatives to chemical products used in the home and the garden. With a common sense approach and an endless enthusiasm, he champions the wisdom of Mother Nature through educational programs.

With the emerging awareness of Organics and a growing respect for his expertise, Andy was invited to serve on the Board of Directors of The Horticultural Society of Florida, The Rare Fruit Council and acted as a consultant to the Department of Agriculture.

A dynamic speaker, he is regularly asked to address organizations such as the World Health Organization. In 1975, Andrew taught Organic Horticulture at the Miami Dade Community College Environmental Center and formed the Organic Growers Club, a national organization devoted to healing the Earth. Eager to reach more people, he turned to radio and for several years hosted Talks With The Invisible Gardener. He was heard on Health From The Ground Up on KPFK-FM. 90.7 every 3rd Monday 3:30-4:30 p.m. in Southern California from 1984 to 1994. He now has several radio shows. Since 1985, The Invisible Gardener, Inc. has been located in Malibu, California, phone 310-457-4438. Andrew has served over 200 clients and many are in the entertainment industry such as Martin Sheen, William Shatner, Eddie Albert. Max Call and Olivia Newton-John, to name a few of his past clients. He is also seen on PBS show “New Garden” with two current shows called Andy’s Ant Secrets and Organic Tree Care.

Mr. Lopez has been featured in journals and publications such as Sunset Magazine, Southern California Home And Garden, The Miami Herald (The Miami Herald called him “King of Compost” in 1970), Acres USA, And Eco-Farm, Rodale’s newest gardening book and frequently publishes articles in Organic Gardening, Horticultural Digest and Acres, USA and on his website at He started a worldwide club called The Invisible Gardeners of America which currently has had over 8,000 members. He also operates IG’s On-Line Classes on his website. He has written several books, including The Organic Grower’s Manual, The Organic Home And Gardening Guide ‘How To Heal The Earth In Your Spare Time’ and his latest book “ Natural Pest Control, Alternatives to Chemicals for the Home and Garden” Published in 1996 and updated regularly (his latest version was printed Jan 2010).

His NEWEST book 'Don't Panic! It's Organic! is available on Amazon in black and white (link below), large print with the beautiful art work done by Cindy Barry! It's an affordable version for $20 that has become many people's dog-eared bibles they refer to year after year! It's packed full of proven methods of organically used tools and skills to implement in your garden! Available on Amazon at:


Why partner with 'DON'T PANIC! IT'S ORGANIC!©' Radio Show?

Need to INCREASE your reach?

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The Radio show is actively promoted on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. The show's large audience is comprised of people of all ages ranging from professionals to your backyard enthusiast!





Every month we have fresh NEW expert interviews! Our many diverse guests share their knowledge on all levels of organic gardening to inspire and impassion you to live environmentally safer lives the organic way!

Always NEW information on how and where to do soil testing, tree care, how to grow your food without pesticides, nutrition, agriculture, climate control, biology and chemistry, with a strong environmental philosophy towards protecting the earth!




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Internet talk radio is just about the finest tool a business can utilize to build a corporate internet "ego" that easily accesses a local or global audience. Any business can profit from an internet show. If you build an internet presence, and add a little style, you'll be amazed at how powerful this can be for your bottom line. With the viral nature of today's social networks & internet media outlets, a business can be propelled into the spotlight with or without notice.

To achieve maximum penetration with viral potential for almost any service or product you must use the Net to Connect - It’s really that big!


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andy Lopez, aka The Invisible Gardener

P.O. Box 4311

Malibu, California 90264
(310) 457-4438 office land line

(805)-612-7321 cell



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andy Lopez aka Invisible Gardener

Together We can Heal The Soil