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Breaking the Silence with Dr. Gregory Williams

Guest, Eileen Dong, Businesswoman, NASA Scholar, Pageant Winner, Cross Cultural Communication Consultant Advocate for Domestic Violence, Human Trafficking, Sexual Abuse

SpirituallyRAW The Ass Whipping Truth with April and Ajay Matta
Ep. #390: B.lack - L.ives - M.atter...B.aphomet - L.ucifer - M.oloch
MASK Marketing. Tricks of Darkness.
Mandela Effect, Charles Wade, ActBlue, Eugenics, Luciferian Agenda, Antifa, End Times Prophecy, Mind Control, Human Trafficking, Sex Slaves, Andrenochrome, Global Currency Reset.

Today we discuss the very devastating and horrific subject of human trafficking. We dive in deep to bring forth a greater understanding and awareness of what human trafficking is, on what level it exists today, and how it can affect anyone, regardless of their socioeconomic status.


IMPORTANT: Well, due to the realization many of you have had after Kevin Annett delivered a stand down order to the RCMP Officers and the Canadian Supreme Court over the Burnaby Mountain Kinder Morgan protest, it has been proven that Common Law works! A call to action was delivered and the response by many of you was outstanding.  If you haven’t done so, take another step and join the movement to take back our land!

Revoke your allegiance to the government of England and the government of Canada!