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By Eric A. Cinotti, MPA, JD

Startling discoveries from recent studies on weaknesses related to intelligence, defense, and national security call for urgent action from citizens and policymakers.


Recent scholarly investigations have revealed significant weaknesses within our defense, intelligence, and national security sectors. This analysis, highlighting the impending threats and necessary reforms to safeguard our country's future, is a call to action for legislators, the military community, and the public by Eric A. Cinotti, MPA, JD.

The Hostile Zone with Eric A Cinotti

The Hostile Zone with Eric A. Cinotti and Bianca Sea

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"Bail Reform Now: A Movement for Justice and Equity - The U.S. is at a crossroads with the urgent need for bail reform, spotlighting the flaws in a system that disproportionately penalizes the less wealthy. Advocating for a fairer approach that evaluates risk over financial status, this movement aims to overhaul pretrial detainment, ensuring that justice prevails over income. With states adopting legislative changes, the push for reform underscores a collective commitment to fairness, equity, and the principles of the 8th Amendment."