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What it means to be yourself

We have heard many times, people saying, or even ourselves sometimes, that we want to be ourselves. But what does that really mean?

Does that mean being of some kind of gender? Being a woman, a man or transgender. 

Does that mean being from a certain nationality? From a certain race? From a certain status? Showing certain behavior? Quitting your job?

Healers of the Light with Johanna Bassols

Overview of the book of Mind

In this episode we will describe the introduction of our upcoming book: Planet of ideas. We are still considering the name the book of mnd.

Feel free to sendus your suggestion, we are describing the ins and outs of the book prior to its publishing, scheduled for late september.


In this episode I will be sharing the insights of my own road to enlightenment, what I did to be more connected to source, how I learned to manifest through ritual and offering with my own daily actions.

The highlight points in this episode are:

Reprogramming relationships with the Soul Reprogramming Method

Healers of the Light with Johanna Bassols

In order to heal anything properly, we need to understand its elemental nature. What better tool than then Soul Reprogramming Method to do that?

Healers of the Light with Johanna Bassols

​This  episode is a must listen to understand the origins of our practice and teachings at Healers of the Light Academy.