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Today we'll be discussing generational & familial trauma. How a cultural or religious background can cause conflict in the modern world, how it can affect you, and some strategies for how to cope with it. 

Today we're discussing how the X and Y chromosome actually affect how we perceive and interact with the world with Dr. Stephen Furlich and his book "Sex Talk". Using research backed up by biological studies, we'll discuss how this affects us, and some pointers on men and woman might perceive the world differently than others.

Family Business with Tony Xu and special guest Oscar Galvan. An exploration of the dynamic of mixing business with familial relationships

Special Guest Yasmin Azad will be discussing how traditional muslim communities have reacted to modern societal trends, particularly as they pertain to women's rights, and the rise of islamic fundamentalism. She's written a memoir of her time growing up in 60s-70s Sri Lanka, called Stay, Daughter, available today on Amazon

Today Anthony Tooton will be going over his experiences struggling with PTSD as a survivor of male sexual assault. We'll discuss how sexual assault can affect people throughout their lives and how he struggles with it in his life.

Talking about infidelity amongst couples and how it's viewed from a therapeutic perspective with co-host Donna Xu providing her unique therapist perspective and with Tony Xu

Today we're talking to Dana, Owner of Blossom Ragdolls about how you find passion and purpose in your work. We'll address the issues surrounding pedigree animal breeding and find out what set her off on a decades long career with animals.

Interview with Donna Maria Galvan, talking about her struggles with taking care of her mother with Alzheimer's for 20 years, with Tony Xu

Today we're exploring the impacts of minicults and the influence they can have over people. Peter Young will discuss his life in a minicult with his memoir "Stop The Tall Man, Save The Tiger". Co-Host Donna Xu will be leading this episode's interview.