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Northampton, England, June 6, 2010

Kevin Annett (left) speaks to UK police about the location of Church-State ritual torture of disabled children; victim Holly Grieg is on the right with her mother


Out of This World Radio with Ted Mahr and guests Tim Ray, Billie Faye Woodard and then John, funeral director in England

First Guest: Tim Ray
Second Guest: Billie Faye Woodard
Third Guest: John, a Funeral Director from England

More disgusting killing by the Religion of Satan, islam. Innocent girls killed at a concert. So, are we the people supposed to accept the fact that at any time we can be blown up just for living our lives? 

Barbara Lamb and Alexandra Meadors review the fascinating subject of crop circles and how they are created. Barbara is a master researcher of these gifts to the world, sharing everything from their energies, shapes, and messages to the world. Having visited some 1300 crop circles around the world, Barbara provides an enlightening assessment of what these crop circles involve and how even the "human" hoaxers who make crop circles provide a service to us all!