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Conscious Thought with Leo with Magdalena Winkler and guest Lilly Kolosova...2015 was a challenging year for many people jet it has a deep healing effect if we understand the meaning.To heal we have to face what we are dealing with and have the courage to do it, which is much easier sad then done with our shadow and bring it back home ..check our beliefs' ,our intentions because they can manifest instantly, our old programing ...and what we want to look into 2016.....this was the closing show for 2015 we want to wish everybody great Holidays and Happy 2016...and hope YOU will t

Dear Fellow Earthling,

Some may ask, why Rochelle and I show up every Tuesday to broadcast our program, 'Insight Out--the Naked Truth."  7 PM (PT) Why we go to the trouble to set up our sound system in our little cabin in the woods of Los Gatos, CA at the clothing optional Lupin Lodge Resort when we could be running through the woods naked, freezing our asses off.