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Processing modern day tribulations
with philosophic calm and
a sense of humor.

Discussing the medical tyranny crisis
with lots of material that health
activists can use.

Oct 20, 2021 / Full Moon
Tide is Turning that Floats all Boats!

Discussing three compendiums
recently published:

Discussing three compendiums
published this week:

The August Lion Gate and  
We Are Reality TV for the ETs

Plus an update on Earth Changes
with a Cosmic Weather Report

Cosmic LOVE with Dr Christopher Rudy and special guest Dr. Elliott Maynard

Dr. Calleman interview on his new book, The Global Mind and Rise of Civilization

2014 Easter Resurrection
and the ‘Web’ We Want

  The cross is a universal symbol of
the crucifixion of spirit in matter.

The April Cosmic Grand Cross is
 the 2014 crossroads determining
  either decisive resurrection of the
  spirit that matters for all mankind
   or by default, ‘dimitude’ as “DUH”
 (Dim, Unconscious & Heartless).


Cosmic LOVE with  Kaypacha on the 2014 Grand Cross