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Alexandra Meadors and Scott Wolter engage in an informing and spirited conversation, continuing on from their original discussion on April 12, 2016, in which they first discussed the connection between the Christ and the Knights Templar. Link found below:

Interestingly this correlates with an interview that Alexandra Meadors conducted on August 12, 2014 with Louise Schoeman, entitled, “Let’s get a new perspective on the Free Masons, shall we?”

Alexandra Meadors and Scott Wolter review forensic evidence to connect the dots between Christ bloodline, the Knights Templar, the pirates of the high seas and ancient Egyptian history. You do not want to miss this interview because he ends up dropping a knowledge bomb regarding the true connections to Christ's bloodline!

Alexandra Meadors and Dannion Brinkley discuss his Near Death experiences and how this has fired him up to heal one of the most important issues that every one of us must face; how we pass from this reality to another when it is our time.

“What a Human is, the Christ Bloodline, Our Gifts, and Integrating the Higher Energies with the Lower Density Body”