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Voices of Jupiter Episode 1 "Jupiter Direct" Jupiter goes direct in the sky after being retrograde since January 5.

Technical Information: Vocal Effects: I am using an inexpensive Audix microphone deliberately with a powerful NanoVerb 18-Bit Digital Effects Processor (2 decades old this box!) into a Directbox Livewire and muted all other effects on the board. The guitar is Larravee OOX with a Fishman inbuilt preamp My system is Mackie ProFX8 USB in IMac and 1000wt Mackie 12". 

Conscious Thought with Leo with Magdalena Winkler and guest Robert O'Leary, BioAcoustic Sound Healing, Power of Human Voice.Our voice can tell as much about our health. We are constantly bombarded with different frequencies, sounds, stress and how they can have an impact our body and our health. Learn how Voice Profile can help to analyze the human voice and show the disharmony and where the needed sound can be created to bring balance and support body to restore the imbalance.