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What is Parental Love? It is what you feel for your children, your pets, or anything you care about. You can also have parental love as Consciousness for you, your body, and your life. In some disciplines, your parents are the embodied sense of God. Transform your relationship with your parents and you transform your experience as Consciousness creating in form.

Just in time for Valentine’s Day! Romance is the expression of being in love coupled with the expanded quality or feeling of mystery, excitement, and remoteness from everyday life. Romance doesn’t entirely feel connected with reality, but is connected with the possibility of more (romantic love).  Consciousness is in love with physical reality, it’s in love with it’s creation.  Rather than escaping reality through romance, can we be in the romantic dance as Consciousness flowing into form? Join us!

Happy Valentine’s Day!
Love is in the air all around us. We see hearts everywhere. They serve as triggers to what we know of love and all its shades. We can experience love as romantic love, true love, idealized love, agape love, lack of love, compromised love, bittersweet love, forgotten love, joyous love, timeless love, unrequited love, mother love, father love, and much more. And, there is always an awareness of some degree of self love.