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Love is in the Air

Love is in the Air

Happy Valentine’s Day!
Love is in the air all around us. We see hearts everywhere. They serve as triggers to what we know of love and all its shades. We can experience love as romantic love, true love, idealized love, agape love, lack of love, compromised love, bittersweet love, forgotten love, joyous love, timeless love, unrequited love, mother love, father love, and much more. And, there is always an awareness of some degree of self love.
Often from our small senses of being, heart serves as a symbol that can bring up our idealized versions of love. From that perspective we even might reject love. We can hear others speak of love that can be connected to the critical voice with its conditions. Love has no conditions. It is neither given, taken or granted but expressed freely. It is not something that we can control. We just feel it. We all want to hear “ I love you. You are important to me”.  Our shades of love are colored by our sense of self love and what love means and feels like to each of us. We are tuned to hearing about love from others when we are young. Our truth is that any relationship with others begins first with ourselves. How do we love ourselves? What does love feel like? Do we recognize it?
Love has no form. It has no boundary. It is a state of experience that transcends all. It is beyond the ordinary. It heightens. It excites. It stimulates our connection to another. It is what elevates and enriches the common. Allow love to be present and life is brighter, deeper, more rewarding. It puts others before oneself. It rewards without attachment. It is the most powerful connection we have. You can feel it for a stranger, be felt in an instant and last a lifetime. It can be colored in sexuality, dipped in a range of emotional nuances, and unite mankind. In the name of love both great achievements and great harm can be done. Drama, tragedy, comedy, and farce can ensue. It is truly what makes the world go round.
It can be taken for granted, unappreciated or unrecognized and often, only when “lost”, brought into awareness. I don’t know if love can truly be lost. After all, love has no conditions. But it can change in its form and feeling. Our senses of love can seem subject to abuse. It might never be recognized by another or be displayed in a form and expression that leaves one feeling less than in either giver or receiver. Is it love then? And, can we love someone but not like them? What we are really saying is that we can love someone and not like their behavior.
What filters and perceptions are in place that you, as Consciousness have chosen to know about love? What emotions color how you experience love? Use your skill sets and access heart centered space and see what is there for you. Use grace, which is warmth, support, and non judgment, as your medium to navigate love. It is potential when you think about it. All judgments that we can embody collectively fall away. In Unified Consciousness there is all. The distinctions we each hold there about love have equal value. They serve only as points of light that we move around in a dance of love.


Janet Barrett
Metaphorically Speaking - Intuitive Energy Release