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Alexandra Meadors and Adam Apollo discuss his upcoming event which he has designed specifically for the emerging leadership of the Earth, The Sword and the Chalice event, to be held in Germany starting July 4, 2016. They discuss how that they will cover such topics as the Return of the Round Table and Restoring the Circles of Avalon! Please click below to register:

Alexandra Meadors and Adam Apollo discuss the parallels of Camelot, Egypt, the British Isles and the idea that we reincarnate back into similar missions with our soul families over many thousands of years. Adam highlights how damaging Christianity’s role was in that there was no longer any acceptance of the diversity of divinity in the Universe and the tremendous fear that this induced as so many lost their loved ones in various incarnations or their very lives because they did not fit into this religious mold.

Alexandra Meadors continues to find herself on the other side of the microphone in Part 3 of "Who Are The Guardians?" She and Bibi Tinsley pick right up where they left off in Part Two.
What is a Guardian?
Where do the Guardians fit in regarding the bigger picture?
Who and what is the Guardian Alliance?
Who are The Ascended masters, and what role are they playing at this time with The Guardians?
Who and what is The Great White Brotherhood?