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A loving perspective shared from Sri Ram Kaa

Our world at large is seemingly ripe for even more crisis and war energies. There are economic, social and political pressures weighing heavily on the masses.  We are all offered daily projections of economies crumbling as fear is escalating.  There seems to be a “governing body” that has chosen  "crisis" as the means to mobilize public sentiment while distracting the masses from the failure of their political systems. 

Within this PROFOUND Retrograde plus the RISING EXPANSION of energies on the planet, many are wondering “AM I Crazy or Just Ascending?”  Sri and Kira take you through the illusion and lift into you clarity! Learn how to CLAIM your knowing and fuel your Passionate Action to sustain your journey with abundant flow. Noticing shifts in your body, mind and emotions?

RIDING the Escalator of Ascension for 2016 and Beyond!

July 2, 2012
Elizabeth teaches the New Healing from the Fifth Dimension described on these websites: and

The Inter-Dimensional Ascension Awakening Learning about the Spiritual Chakras and Divine Seals to manifest and heal others.

Also— prepare your body for acceptance of the higher Fifth Dimension energies by working with the Divine Seals and Spiritual Chakras.