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Article by sri ram kaa and kira raa February 3, 2016

Sri and Kira
Are we already Navigating WW-III ?

Our world at large is seemingly ripe for even more crisis and war energies. There are economic, social and political pressures weighing heavily on the masses!

A loving perspective shared from Sri Ram Kaa

Our world at large is seemingly ripe for even more crisis and war energies. There are economic, social and political pressures weighing heavily on the masses.  We are all offered daily projections of economies crumbling as fear is escalating.  There seems to be a “governing body” that has chosen  "crisis" as the means to mobilize public sentiment while distracting the masses from the failure of their political systems. 

Before I go any further, please feel my sincerest intentions in offering this sharing to you now.  My heart has been stirred deeply by the great call arising from humanity and the simultaneous recognition that the two earths are becoming ever more distinct from each other.  This can be challenging for the “awake” to witness as many they love may be choosing the densified Earthly experience.  As you continue reading, simply breathe, bring your hand to your heart and relax your mind.

Let’s remember that crisis energy is a common tool often used by “the powers that be” to ignite public support for more shortsighted solutions.  Through this misdirection, greed based allocations and the continued loss of autonomy and independent thinking become the casualties along the way.  History has many examples of how innocently freedoms are discarded in the name of perceived security.  A modern crisis managed in this fashion will lead the population into war and feed the police state and this may well be the intention of those  “in power”.

Pope Francis has now invoked the use of “World War III”, saying that it has begun in a piecemeal fashion.  Kira and I sadly agree, the Earth that is holding the energy of the 3rd dimension has, in fact, entered this phase.  AND! Before you may feel fear or panic, keep reading and breathe!

The war for the dominion of your wealth, freedom and your very soul has been underway for a long time.  This is not all entirely new.  It does bring forward the importance of this loving reminder:

If you rely upon the media and seek reassurance through consensus from the outer world, you will surely become swept away by the trends that are underway.

If you cultivate your inner knowing you

CAN find trust and peace while the world dances with chaos and fear.

When a population becomes complacent or disconnected from their hearts and ascended presence, the opening is available for the greedy and ego-driven to establish themselves in a hierarchy that supports their refracted paradigm.  Living from the ego, most people are subject to manipulation, especially by the corrupt powers. This manipulation is often subtle as it appeals to your outer sense of your life experience.  It plays upon fear and self-doubt! The planetary thought body is at an all time high carrying fear, doubt, anger and frustration and this FEEDS the manipulation.

Current events continue to stimulate both fear and anger on a daily basis, this is now the accepted norm and many are actually addicted to this energy through many sources.  If fear and anger are repeatedly focused toward ‘a target’, then hatred is the result.  We are now seeing open hatred being acted out around our globe and this is an energy that MUST BE addressed.  Hatred takes us far beyond fear and actually ignites the manipulation energy into action through self-destruction.

Let’s take a moment and step back from the drama and gaze at the energies currently unfolding on the world stage.

The uncertainty in Europe and the Middle East is stimulating fear and prejudice.

This fear is washing onto the shores of the USA through the political process, which is largely based upon “what’s wrong” and “who to blame”.   Fear promotes the energy of denial which is an egoic coping mechanism that insulates us from feeling vulnerable.  Politicians know this and use this psychological principal to cultivate support for their spiritually disconnected policies.

It is unsettling to reflect that society has always turned to its leaders to navigate the population through social, political and financial turmoil.  The quality of today’s leaders is largely discouraging. As it seems in the USA and many other countries, it is the leaders who have lost their integrity and lead the populace into the most serious challenges we are now facing! 

They are simply incapable of acknowledging the depth of the problems so they distract the public from this through politicizing ALL issues. (climate change, social equality, economic opportunity, etc.)  The sad fact is that they have absolutely no idea how to cope with the challenges facing our world now as their filters refuse to include the rising vibrational rates and multi-dimensional shifts into the equation! 

Instead of offering into the planetary thought body a sincerely balanced and in depth look at the issues, the focus of politicians largely remains on maintaining their popularity and allegiance to lobbyists and financial supporters.  They choose to ignite frustration rather than stimulate sincerity! This further repels the opportunity for synergy and solutions for all humanity.

The politicians’ narcissism and willingness to deny, lie and delay, has brought our planet to a powerful boiling point.  And, it is not just the “leaders” who have created this moment.  The people who participate in the perpetuation of the system are also part of the problem.  Through compliancy and denial the people have failed to manage their democracy.  This will bring humanity to a crisis moment, which is often how humanity chooses to grow!

A rigid fundamentalist orientation seeks to blame others for problems and thus perpetuates righteousness and victim energy.  Dogma, blame and righteousness will support war and unrest. The vast amount of spiritualized ego is anchoring all sides of this issue as the Pyramid of Spiritual awakening unfolds across our globe.

Perhaps the impending crisis will serve its higher purpose and awaken the complacent.  It is within every crisis there exists a renewed opportunity for awakening.

We have before us now a wondrous opportunity to reframe our perspectives and stimulate evolution into ascension on a global scale. 

As spiritual beings choosing a spiritual experience in form, our spiritual growth involves paradox.  What is true from one perspective is not true from another.  And while the game-board of density has entrapped many people in its grip, there are numerous moments that support liberation. 

Humanity is at its ultimate “pop” or “drop” moment.

You are reading this article because you have lifted out of the mass consciousness.  You likely want to be of service to humanity and to the earth and are aware of the vast dimensional playgrounds that are unfolding. 

Many are asking if they can continue their personal Ascension process while still interacting with the world. The answer is a resounding YES!  With appropriate spiritual tools, sincerity as your guide and heart felt tenacity, yes you can!

The ascension energies bathing our solar system will stimulate additional fear if you live an ego-based life.  The ego fears the loss of control.  In fact, fear is a great call for healing – a call to reunite with the Divine within. 

Fear is universal.  Use your fear as a signal that you are moving forward, rather than view it as a failure on your journey!  Fear resides only in the ego; use your fear to remind yourself that your soul is not afraid.  Notice your moments of fear and surrender them to your higher consciousness.  Then, these moments become your key to growth rather than trigger you into greater doubt.

The way through these energies is to cultivate spiritual tools and live in alignment with your soul’s wisdom.  We are at the time of “pop or drop” – that is, lifting into an ascended way of being or dropping into the regressive pattern of the masses.  You have a choice!

“God does not challenge you to change the world,”

said a canny priest at a small church in France, years ago.

“He challenges you to change yourself.”

The outer world is mirroring the spiritual disconnect and discontent of its inhabitants.  If your heart calls you to participate in worldly causes, then do so from a place of passionate action. Remember that ALL activism is based upon anger and will repel the outcome you are seeking. Invite yourself to lift above anger and judgment as you cultivate the passionate action of an awakened heart.  (You may want to discover the Unlocking your Inner Radical home study)

The spiritual journey is one of truth: I invite you to see clearly through a lens of sincerity and connectedness to the Oneness.

We are rapidly evolving into a larger global community.  Without soul-based living this evolution is fraught with the potential for enormous pain and difficulty.  There are many holding the reigns of worldly power that fear change and will interfere.  Unless we cultivate our spiritual power and engage in passionate action, (versus activist action), fear will sustain continued selfishness and disrespect for the greater good. It will become a most difficult birth for the New Earth. Yet, birth she will.

Awareness is your key to freedom and joy throughout this time!  When the limiting beliefs of the ego take hold of our experience, it is a call to use this as your personal wake up call.  

We need to remind ourselves daily of the fact that we are powerful and

creative spiritual beings.  It is impossible to lose our power!   

We all must make conscious choices to cultivate our highest authentic expression if we expect to live in peace and harmony.

AND!  You are ready with each conscious breath.


With great love,

Sri Ram Kaa

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