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Of Course Radio with Scott Krajca & Sheldon Jo. Join Sheldon and Scott as they take you on a guided meditation and discuss current time with A Course in Miracles and true forgiveness in mind.

Of Course Radio with Scott Krajca & Sheldon Jo. Episode 24 marks the return of Sheldon and Scott after taking several months off. Topics include: a deep guideded meditation with Holy Spirit by Sheldon, current/intense times and how to practice true forgiveness with A Course in Miracles.

The Dragon Families
High Council of Agartha
The Moon and the Montauk Program
Declaration of Independence
Earth Grid
Heaven on Earth
Delay regarding the Financial
His perspective of the Pope
Federation vs. Galactic Federation of Light
The order in which it unfolds
Ascended masters
Density: third/fourth or higher?

Alexandra Meadors continues to find herself on the other side of the microphone in Part 3 of "Who Are The Guardians?" She and Bibi Tinsley pick right up where they left off in Part Two.
What is a Guardian?
Where do the Guardians fit in regarding the bigger picture?
Who and what is the Guardian Alliance?
Who are The Ascended masters, and what role are they playing at this time with The Guardians?
Who and what is The Great White Brotherhood?

Of Course Radio with Scott Krajca & Sheldon Jo. Join Sheldon and Scott as they take you through a guided meditation and then discuss A Course in Miracle's view on apply forgiveness and peace upon the world, even as terrorism appears to sprout up. They also take a call from John (Stockton, CA) who asks, "how do we live in this world even though the Course states that it is an illusion?"