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Host Sheryl Hirsch-Kramer talks with Mas Sajady on "The Awakening of Pure Loving Relationships" this Tues, August 9 at 5-6 pm Pacific/8-9 pm Eastern on BBS Radio, Station 1! Don’t miss this special hour with Mas Sajady!

The quest for love is universal, yet the quest for love is often complicated by distortions we picked up from our families of origin. Were you abused? Were you abandoned? Were your parents addicts? Were your parents' parents' abused, abandoned, or addicted? If yes, you may be living a life that is driven by energetic distortions that keep away pure love.

Psychologist Dr. Nancy Young enlightens us the differences between intense/compelling love and secure/Comfortable Love and how they impact our relationships and marriage. She talks about how to enhance sexual attraction and emotional connection in the relationship and what it means to have unconditional love while still being able to set boundaries with your mate. Dr. Young also discusses her workshop called the Art and Science of Love for Couples.