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Lawns and Pets. This week one listener sent in a question about her dog and the lawn fertilizer the gardener was using. Chemical fertilizers can often pose a threat to tender dog or cat paws, not to mention bare human feet. I'll cover the care of your lawn for the safety of everyone, organically of course!

A New Mosquito is here! The Asian Tiger! This species is even more difficult to control and more deadly than some of its cousins. Unlike their cousins, they prefer humans and will attack you if they find you have exposed your legs, they attack below the knee and will attack you several times and are very aware of your presence. Which makes it hard for you to hit them. The most important thing to realize is that this species spreads a variety of deadly diseases. I'll help you learn to take control of this insect - organically of course!

What does 'Geo-engineering' mean? It's a vast topic with many pros and cons. We will try to cover some of it.

PART 2: Continuation of our discussion on GMO's (Genetically Modified Organisms) and GEO's (Genetically Engineered Organism) and Monsanto's role in this equation!

Environmental Alert - How to kill all human beings on the planet in 50 years! WHAT??? Yes,  I'll be covering the 10 environmental boundaries we SHOULD NOT cross but have from nuclear plants, micro-waved food, deforestation to the effects of pollution. But I always say "It is never too late to change."

Natural Ant Control - Part 2 - The Ants are Coming, The Ants are Coming! Never Mind they are here! There are many things the summer drought and heat bring to your yard and ants are one of them! Typically, ants are severe enough to control outside. Take away their source water and the ants will do whatever it takes to get the water they need. So it is only natural that they come to your property. They react to the environment. They respond to plants when they are stressed. That is what they do. Stressed plants are their primary food and water source. You cannot kill all the ants.

I'll be airing the re-broadcast of my taped interview 'Finding Someone Who Is Willing to Help You Understand More' on the podcast show 'The Entrepreneur Way' with host Neil Ball. This show is all about the entrepreneur’s journey, the vision, the mind-set, the commitment, the sacrifice, the failures and the successes. I share my personal journey as an entrepreneur and the many paths that led me to find out who I am and what the Invisible Gardener is all about!

Trees need care, but how do you provide the care they need? Tune in this week to hear how NOT to Kill your trees or stress them out! Learn how to care for your trees and what the effect of improper watering does to your trees, the damage of chemical fertilizers, why soil is so important and much more!

Do you have problems with gophers, moles or squirrels in your garden or lawn area? I'll be talking about natural and organic ways to control these rodents!

Brix - what is it and what does it do? What is a refractometer? Why should you care? I'll tackle all these questions this week and more!