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The looming threat of a government shutdown reminds me of the joke about an unwanted door-to- door salesman who keeps threatening to leave. He’s still oblivious after being told repeatedly, “Come again when you can’t stay so long.”

This week on 'SHADOW POLITICS' - Kathleen Gomez will be co-hosting with me as we welcome our guest national political columnist and analyst Mark Plotkin! We’ll be discussing latest effort to gain statehood for the District of Columbia.

Cancel the Cabal with Stephen Roberts Debut show on BBS Radio

The objective is to Shatter the False Left-Right paradigm in the American political system. For too long now the elite Cabal of Criminal Banksters have had a death grip on the American government and the corporate whores in the congressional offices of the three branches, as well as the media. Reality is grim, deadly, dangerous, hateful, perverted, nasty and demented. Let us expose all that is within.