Ads with Hyperlinks

Pay for a large banner listing on BBS Radio home page, schedule pages and talk show pages

The banners located in the middle of BBS Radio's home page, at the bottom middle of the schedule pages and at the bottom of over eight hundred talk show program pages, are for host and podcaster advertisements; banners with hyperlinks.

Pay for a small banner listing on all BBS Radio main pages

Pay for a small banner listing on all BBS Radio main pages. These banners are all hyperlinked to a destination URL (the advertiser or sponsor's website), so when someone presses on the image it takes them to your intended destination.

Upload sponsor and advertiser banners to your show page with hyperlinks

You can add small banner graphics to the bottom left column of your show page and large banner graphics to the center middle of your show page. All your graphic images can be associated with a hyperlink, so when someone presses an image, it automatically redirects them to a sponsor or advertiser website.

Add graphic banner ads with hyperlinks!

Add small and large graphic banners (advertisements) to your show program page and to almost everything else, easily, with hyperlinks to your websites.
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