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The space located in the middle of BBS Radio's home page, at the bottom middle of the schedule pages and at the bottom of over eight hundred talk show program pages; talk shows that are no longer broadcasting live or podcasting with the network, are for host and podcaster advertisements. These pages can be highly trafficked, as we make all program archives (podcasts) available for free, to read, to listen to, and to download by the world. Banner must be 568 px wide or less and 284 px high or less.

The space located on the lower left hand column of BBS Radio's website main pages, is for host and podcaster advertisements. Banner must be 200 px wide or less and 300 px high or less. These banners are all hyperlinked to a destination URL (the advertiser or sponsor's website), so when someone presses on the image it takes them to your intended destination (a URL)! It's super cheap and only available to our hosts and podcasters. Call us for pricing and we may create the banner advertisement for free!

You can add small banner graphics with a maximum width of 200 px and a maximum height of 500 px, to the bottom left column of your show page. You can add large banner graphics with a maximum height and width of 760 px, to the center middle of your show page. All your graphic images can be associated with a hyperlink, so when someone presses an image, it automatically redirects them to a sponsor or advertiser website.

Add small and large graphics (banner advertisements) to your show program page and to almost everything else, easily, with hyperlinks to other locations. Sponsors and advertisers will love you for this. You can easily upload images that link to your website, of almost any size, and have them appear on your program page, podcast episode pages, and other locations, as easy as 1, 2, 3! (Upload Graphic Banners and Ads with Hyperlinks!)