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Astronomer, Computer Science Doctorate, Venture Capitalist, Information Technology Specialist, Writer, Advisor, Author
Author, Journalist, TV Personality, U.K. Government Ministry of Defense Employee, UFO Researcher, Media Commentator, Writer, Broadcaster, Lecturer, Novelist
UFO Researcher, Writer, Experiencer. Film Director, Producer
Air Force Captain, Air Traffic Controller, Missile Launch Officer, Engineer, UFO Phenomenon Whitness
Documentary Investigator, Writer, Reporter, Columnist, Ufologist
Author, Journalist, Columnist, Writer, Lecturer, Unsolved Mysteries Researcher, Conspiracy Investigator, Ufologist and Cryptozoologist
Paranormal Investigator, Ufologist, Writer
Ufologist, Crop Circles Expert, Researcher
Kundalini Experiencer, Alien Contactee, Acension Guide, Planet Gridworker, Spiritual Mentor, Etheric Surgeon, Starsee Advocate, Columnist, Writer
Trial Lawyer, Environmental Scholar, Researcher, Explorer, Philosopher, Journalist, Writer, Consultant, Editor, Life on Mars Theorist