Theory & Conspiracy

Guest, Andrea Mikana-Pinkham

Guest Occupation: 
Sacrad Travel Experiencer, Coordinator, Travel Agent, Tour Director, Speaker, Facilitator, Grand Prioress, Advisor, Reiki Master, Teacher, Intuitive Channel, Spiritual Counselor

Guest, Lynn Picknett

Guest Occupation: 
Teacher, Stand Up Comic, Editor, Columnist, TV Presenter, Curator, Researcher, Writer, Author

Guest, Lindsey Williams

Guest Occupation: 
Chaplin, Author, Public Speaker, Whistleblower, Oil Industry Insider

Guest, Shawn Sinclair

Guest Occupation: 
Writer, Radio Show Host, DNA Researcher

Guest, Scott Stevens

Guest Occupation: 
Weatherman, Chemtrail Researcher

Guest, Robert Hieronimus

Guest Occupation: 
Historian, Visual Artist, Radio Host, Author, Investigative Researcher, Secret Society Authority

Guest, Klaus Dona

Guest Occupation: 
Spiritual Archeologist, Art Curator, Out of Place Artifacts Expert, Author, Researcher

Guest, Nicholas Redfern

Guest Occupation: 
Author, Journalist, Columnist, Writer, Lecturer, Unsolved Mysteries Researcher, Conspiracy Investigator, Ufologist and Cryptozoologist

Guest, John Hall

Guest Occupation: 
Medical Doctor, Diplomat, Human Consciousness Researcher, Human Rights Activist, Pain Management Expert, Writer, Author, Satellite Surveillance Investigator


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