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Out of This World Radio with Ted Mahr and guests Leon McLaughlin and Michael Jaco

Out of This World Radio with Ted Mahr and guest Judy Cali

Raising Expectations with Pastor Joe Schofield, Dr Paul Hall and Ron Greer

Guest, Jeannine Kuhnell, The Texas Renaissance Woman

The Chuck and Julie Show with Chuck Bonniwell and Julie Hayden

Guest, Erik Aadland, Greg Lopez and Daniel Greenfield

Globalist elites pushing a global economy has created an economic disaster of global proportions. Front Page Magazine’s Daniel Greenfield talks about his latest column - A Permanent Shortage of Everything.” Plus GOP congressional candidate Greg Lopez and CD7 GOP candidate Erik Aadland.

The Chuck and Julie Show with Chuck Bonniwell and Julie Hayden

Guests, Mike Campbell and Cheryl Chumley

Bill Gates wants us to give him a billion dollars so he can lock us down and take away our rights again in the next “pandemic”. Washington Times columnist Cheryl Chumley on this latest elite con. Plus some Douglas County residents are fighting a plan by two County Commissioners to attract homeless encampments. Mike Campbell explains.

Planetary Makeover Show with David Mynott II

The Evolutionary Plan, Spiritual Energies are Now Speeding Up Crisis Resolution with Rich Teich

David Mynott II interviews Rich Teich, a scholar of the esoteric wisdom teachings. This is an introduction to the spectrum of existence on planet Earth and the plan for our spiritual evolution. We are being helped by highly evolved 'elder brothers' who preceded us, and evolution is speeding up at this time. There is a plan and we can see it working out.

As You Wish Talk Radio with James Gilliland

Guest, Kathleen Gould, herbalist, healing with herbs

Kathleen Gould, Herbalist RH (AHG) has studied, taught and lived herbalism for 25 years. She is a professional member of the esteemed American Herbalist Guild and has studied herbalism throughout the U.S. with internationally known herbalist Rosemary Gladstar, Tieroana Lowdog MD, James Duke Ph.D., Michael Tierra, David Hoffman, Patch Adams and Susun Weed.

Truth Express Radio with Erskine

Hour 1 BLM (Bring Lotsa Money) the Marxist Con

Kevin McGary is a Keynote Speaker, Political Commentator, and Founder Every Black Life

The True History with Tara Green and Rama Arjuna and guests

The Wynn Free Conference Call LIVE with Wynn Free