Guest, Roger Woolger

Guest Occupation: 
Jungian Analyst, Regression Therapist, Professional Lecturer, Psychologist, Scholar, Historian, Philosopher, Professor, Educator, Trainer, Traveler, Author

Guest, Lawrence Lanoff

Guest Occupation: 
Film Director, Photographer, Author, Master Teacher, Enlightened Healer, Doctor of Cognitive Studies

Guest, Kari Hohne

Guest Occupation: 
Writer, Author, Motivational Speaker, Radio Personality, Dream Expert, Environmentalist

Guest, Marie Jones

Guest Occupation: 
Author, Screenwriter, Researcher, Radio Host, Public Speaker, Writer, Columnist, Spiritualist

Guest, Therese Grey

Guest Occupation: 
Journalist, Writer, Author, Speaker, Coach, Spiritualist, Mystic

Guest, Matthew James

Guest Occupation: 
Master Trainer of NeuroLinguistic Programming, Columnist, International Speaker, Educator, Author, Doctor of Integrative Health Psychology

Guest, Sheevaun Moran

Guest Occupation: 
Visionary, Mystic, Speaker, Spiritual Teacher, Entrepreneur, Author, Radio Host, Energy Healer

Guest, Pam Montgomery

Guest Occupation: 
Entrepreneur, Alternative Heath Teacher, Author, Healing Practitioner, Speaker, Spiritualist

Guest, Mike Dooley

Guest Occupation: 
Tax Consultant, Entrepreneur, Adventurer, Spiritual Writer, Author, Teacher, Speaker


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