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ET-First Contact Radio with Maarten Horst and special guest, Devrah Laval author of, the Magic Doorway into the Divine

The Galactic Roundtable with Beth Trutwin on BBS Radio!

New Realities with Alan Steinfeld and special guest Dr. Michael Cotton

Paths to Sacred, Open Source, Self Rule with my guests Spencer Barclay and Nate Walton

James talks your calls and answers your questions regarding what's happening energetically in the universe. 


My special guest Barbara Frank will share her 37 years experience on aging with us! 

TRAVIS WALTON - perhaps the most famous Alien Abduction subject case in history reflects on his experience and the ensuing 39 years since.  Travis recounts the actual experience, talks about what he's been through, the film Fire in the Sky, the book, his ongoing work appearing in public including upcoming appearances throughout the USA.

Psychotherapist, Board-Certified Alternative Medical Practitioner, Mental Health Counselor, Ordained Minister, and Author
Kundalini yoga instructor, healer, intuitive