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For the Love of Dog with Janice Wolfe

For The Love of Dog with Janice Wolfe on BBS Radio!

Guest: Guest, the Future Dr. Jody Joseph

ET Yoga with Charles Green This Episode was mainly about the ET base found in Bucegi, Romania. Also includes info about belief systems and comments regarding mainstream media iformation. 

I am a conventional doctor of medicine, who is also blessed with the gift of clairvoyance. I have been through training as a psychic, a healer, and a medium in addition to my training in an anesthesiologist. My passion is to bring healing to a whole new dimension: with Spirit. Healers of the past, used spiritual technique because there was no technology to aid them in the care of patients.

Satsang with Shusara with Shusara Akona Kumara

After a brief discussion about the current changes in energy, tonight's session began with Shusara retelling the story of the Silent Sage and then expounding on it's meaning. Shusara shared personal stories tonight about mind using Truth as something to identify with and also about the illusion of death. Her stories point to deeper experiences all will have along their journey home.

School of Human Potential with Allen Vaysberg and special guests Craig Polsfuss