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Griset Professor, Director, Author, Writer, Theologian, Gnosticism Authority, Researcher
Author, Lecturer, Professor, Philospher, Founder, Director of the Global Dialogue Institute
Scottish Pilgrim, Author, Speaker, Interpreter, Profound Spiritual Thinker, Film Director
Humanitarian, Physician, Counselor, Medical Ethics Authority, Spiritually Influential, Healing Pioneer, Professor, Humanitarian, Educator, Author, Writer, World Wellness Activist
Academic, Sociologist, Psychologist, Researcher, Writer, Author, Spiritual Experiencer
Director, Professor, Psychiatrist, Family Doctor, Editor-in-Chief, Writer, Theologian, Health Expert, Lecturer
Author, Whole Earth Festival Founder, Historian, Professor, Writer, Poet, Artist, Peace Activist, Scholar, Mayan Calendar Mathematician, Visionary, Speaker
Experiential Explorer, Executive Director, Facilitator, Educator, Pastor, Author, Spiritualist
Teacher, Stand Up Comic, Editor, Columnist, TV Presenter, Curator, Researcher, Writer, Author