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Here We Stand with Reverend Kevin D. Annett

Title: The Republic of Kanata is rising! An interview with Kevin Derbyshire, a Republican municipal candidate

Planetary Makeover Show with David Mynott II

It's True, Jesus and Maitreya Are Here to Help Earth and Everyone on It!

The Show Description is:   David Mynott II presents a double-bill episode today with two guests, Mitch Williams and Scott Champion, who shine light from diverse viewpoints on the interconnectedness of all the great religions, and in particular the relationship of Jesus and Maitreya.

Breaking The Silence with Dr. Gregory Williams

Guest, Coach Erika Love, it's not just who you know but who knows you

Coach Love is known for creating connections that set fire to sleeping careers. She has helped over 1,000 physicians, dentists, and professionals advance their careers. As a Career Advancement Strategist, her chief areas of impact include recruitment, navigating narcissists in the workplace, interview empowerment, and breaking out of the middle management trap. She earned the name Coach Love due to her warm demeanor with her clients & students.

Here We Stand with Reverend Kevin D. Annett

Title: The global Republic Alliance, Stopping the Pope Campaign, and new Assemblies in Kanata: Urgent updates and background for coming battles

Here We Stand with Reverend Kevin D. Annett

Title: Should we survive ourselves? The revolutionary judgement on all of us

Raising Expectations with Pastor Joe Schofield, with Stefanie and Craig Thayer, and Ron Greer

Guest, Dr John Maples from Glendale, AZ, motivational Christian speaker

Dr Gina's Radio Chat with Dr. Gina R. Prince

Guests, R&B Recording Artist, ANGIE STONE, Family Physician, DR KRE JOHNSON and DJ Spivey music

All Roads Lead 65 Max Radio with Pamela Lynnette Henderson

Guest, Tamiko Powell, author of, The Word: There Is No Other Way and Thomas Roe, fitness instructor.

The Church of the Soul's Evolution with The Reverend Blake Rubie