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GEORGE KAVASSILAS returns to share a deeper examination of our Universal Journey as we move deeply beyond the mundane realms.  In this two hour special, we talk about the various levels of control, vying for an ultimate win.  George shares about the 3 levels and beyond.  This is one of our best shows yet! 

Sri and Kira Live - Show #1

Best selling authors, columnists, Master Avesa Quantum Healers, and sought-after keynote speakers, Wisdom Teacher Sri Ram Kaa and Angelic Oracle Kira Raa are internationally recognized for supporting conscious human evolution and lovingly “walking the walk” of authenticity. On the cutting edge of the Soul Evolution, they are considered the foremost authorities Archangelic communications, Self-Ascension, and Atlantis. Sri and Kira boldly answer the tough questions and offer a fresh perspective that is a rare treat in our chaotic and ever changing world.

Medium Lynn Van Praagh-Gratton joins Francine in a delightful discussion about Angels, guides and master teachers. Lynn shares her personal experiences with them and how they have profoundly effected her life.

The John Martin Talk Show - show 20 - with John Martin International Visionary and Healer, on BBS Radio!

Delve into a world of a professional psychic and learn from her experiences.  We will discuss communication with the other side, developing your intuition and the power of prayer.  Stay tuned to learn how everyone can use their own gifts for even little things such as finding where you put your keys.