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Shadow Politics, October 28, 2018

Earl Fowlkes

This week: 'Transgender People, #WontBeErased' with guest Earl D. Fowlkes Jr.

Sports and Life, October 26, 2018

Cameron's Sports and Life with Cameron Datzker

Camerons Sports and Life with Cameron Datzker with guest Bernadette Di Gabriele

Why Life Is..., October 26, 2018

Why Life Is... with Niles MacFlouer

Why Life Is... with Niles MacFlouer

​​Topic: Advanced Consciousness Series:
Something for Nothing – Evil’s Plan for Taking Over the Physical World

Stargate Round Table, October 25, 2018

Stargate Round Table with Marietta Pickett

Stargate Round Table with Marietta Pickett and Friends with guest Michael Ryce, 2nd hour

The Allow Love Show, October 25, 2018

The Allow Love Show - Connecting with Spirit with Mary Sherritt Russell and Rod Russell

The Allow Love Show with Mary Russell & Rod Russell

Serapis Bey, Head of the Great White Brotherhood, comes through

Wake Up America, October 24, 2018

Wake Up America with Kristina Lynn

Wake Up America with Kristina Lynn and cohost Melissa Connors, Holistic Wellness Coach

The Veterans News Hour, October 22, 2018

The Veterans News Hour with David C. Cory and Richard Hurley

The Veterans News Hour with David C Cory

Topic: Cost of Living Adjustment Act, Veterans Affairs, Disability Compensation payments for Veterans, etc


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