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New Realities, May 26, 2015

New Realities with Alan Steinfeld and special guest Robert Perala

Guest Name, Kathleen McCarthy

Kathleen (Kat) McCarthy
Kathleen McCarthy

The Magic Happens Magazine: Humanity Thriving Out Loud was founded in 2007 and it began as a conversation about learning to be content with what you have. We are bombarded by media and business opportunities that taunt us into believing that we aren't good enough, we don't have enough and that the pursuit of more is the hallmark of success. The Magic Happens Magazine represents the idea that we are enough, just as we are, if only we could see that. Once we become content with who we are and what we have, something magical happens... -Suddenly our ability to create more grows 10 fold. -Miraculously, happiness is achieved. -Without warning, stress falls away. -Effortlessly, our stories change. Having a good life and being happy is and always has been more about perspective and how we choose to look at things then about what material things we have. Many of our 60 writers have written books and it is our intention to support authors of 'wisdom' related materials to get their word out there and create success through mutual learning, thriving and joy. If joining a community of writers who work together for the success of the group is something that excites you, contact us through the website to discuss the possibilities.

Guest, Sonia Barrett

Guest Occupation: 
Author,Founder of Timeline Publishing & Media Relations,Publisher of Reality Bridge Magazine ,Coaching /Consultations

Satsang with Shusara, May 28, 2015

Satsang with Shusara with Shusara Akona Kumara

During tonight’s session Shusara came back to some of the key understandings to dissolution work. The repetition of these Truths is vitally important because the mind’s capacity to understand them changes during the course of dissolution work. These understandings are not meant to be memorized, so much as integrated and actualized.

Conscious Thought with Leo, May 27, 2015

Conscious Thought with Leo with Magdalena Winkler and guest Robert O'Leary, BioAcoustic Sound Healing, Power of Human Voice.Our voice can tell as much about our health. We are constantly bombarded with different frequencies, sounds, stress and how they can have an impact our body and our health.

Guest Name, Gary Loper

Gary Loper
Gary Loper
Twitter Expert, Business-Life Coach, Mindset Coach, Motivational Speaker, Trainer, Entrepreneur

My passion is to assist others in Building Better Relationships with their teams, customers, prospects, and partners, and most importantly yourself.

With more than 190,000+ connections on Twitter, and a strong background in marketing and sales, 30+ years of customer service and 15+ years of direct sales, I am instrumental in helping individuals attract a targeted audience and increase their effectiveness and financial profitability. Teaching strategies and tactics on how to be successful will open up the door to produce and maintain positive personal and business solutions.

With thousands of hours of vast personal development, mind and bodywork study, and intuitive abilities, I empower individuals to discover their gifts, develop confidence, and create better relationships with themselves and others in their lives.

I specialize in working with entrepreneurs and sales teams to build a network of Endless Referrals, thus making your business and life more fun and profitable.

Twitter Expert, Business-Life Relationship Coach, Certified Consultant w/Bob Burg Intl., Go Giver Facilitator, and Certified YES! Energy Coach w/Loral Langemeier, Sales Trainer w/Eric Lofholm International, Mindset Coach, Training at the Gremlin-Taming Institute, Motivational Speaker and Trainer.

Conscious Conversations, May 27, 2015

Today on Conscious Conversations, Joan and Janet talk about Misunderstanding and Consciousness. Wars occur from misunderstandings.  Disagreements arise because we bring our baggage, our historical patterns of behavior, into present relationships and work situations.  In Heart Space we can see a bigger picture of what is really going on.

Universal Soul Love, May 26, 2015


"Conspiracies, Controversies, and Creating a new Reality"

Guest, Patrick Andries

Guest Occupation: 
Naked in Public: Dream Symbols Revealed Author

Guest, David Rivinus

Guest Occupation: 
Teacher of DREAMS


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