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Gibbs Williams talks about the science of synchronicity from a psuedo Jungian perceptive.

The Tazz and Paula Show with Tazz Powers and Paula Nunes

New Realities with Alan Steinfeld and guest Stephen Dimon, CEO of the Shift Network, and author of Sacred America, Sacred World: Fulfilling Our Mission in Service to All

Creation Lightship Healings with Ron Amitron - WEDNESDAY

In this historic show from Mt. Shasta, ANDREW BARTZIS, Galactic Historian and Reiki Master, JULIEN WELLS, radio show host from 5D Media Network and others, CHRIS HALES in Australia, also host of several radio shows including Walking in Energy and LARRY BUZZELL with and Creating5D Radio, share their perspectives on "the energies" and about the gathering at Mt.
EVE LORGEN returns for an in-depth discussion of alien abductions, MILABS and alien interference in human interactions.  She cites the groundbreaking work of Dr. Corrado Malanga.  See link to her article below on Alien Hierarchies.  Eve Lorgen is a dedicated counseling professional, UFO/alien abduction researcher, Anusara yogi and writer. She began her pioneering work with alien abductees while earning her Masters Degree in Counseling Psychology in 1992. She also holds a BS in Biochemistry and worked in the Biotechnology industry for 7 years.
Sara "Lyara" Estes speaks about how her connection to the Hosts of Heaven began, and she talks about her work through the ongoing channeled material on Operation Terra.

The True History with Tara Green and Rama Arjuna, and guests Dyanna and Rainbird

Personal Planetary Healing Meditation with Wynn Free