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Archbishop Desmond Tutu

Nobel Peace Laureate

Congressman Dennis Kucinich
Presidential Candidate


Dr. Edgar Mitchell

Astronaut, Scientist, Author

Paradigm Shifters presents Safehouses and Erin Newcomb

This week on Paradigm Shifters:

Paradigm Shifters Introduces Engetti - A refuge for sex slaves developed by Eric Newcomb and supporters.

Unusual topic but sex trafficking is a big reality and lately leaking loudly into circles of fame and politics!

Tim Costello, founder of Slum Doctors, joins Veronica today on Paradigm Shifters. Slum Doctors is a non-profit organization of volunteers who aid the thousands of vicitms suffering from AIDS in Africa. They provide housing, education and food to children who have been orphaned due to AIDS as well as provide vital health care to Women and children. Tim Costello, based out of Bellingham, WA is a true pioneer of the heart who believes that our work on this planet is about love.

Stargate Round Table with Marietta Pickett and Tara & Rama, along with Caroline Jones "Rainbird" and Cathy Lauren

Guest: Frank Chille

The Impossible Truth with Orly Benny Davis

The Bella Dangelo Show with Bella Dangelo, Eric Olsen and guest, Nick Conttompasis