Near Death Experiences

Ghosts, Goblins, Entities, and Space Beings, October 3, 2010

October 3, 2010, Elizabeth Joyce and Bonnie MacDade will be talking about Ghosts, Goblins, Entities, and Space Beings. What is an Apparition but the super-normal manifestation of people, animals, objects, ghosts and spirits. Most apparitions are of living people or animals who are too distant to be perceived by the normal senses. Apparitions of the dead are also called Ghosts.

Guest, Frances Rae Key

Guest Occupation: 
Psychic, Author, Teacher

Open Mic Night, November 17, 2013

In the episode, listeners are the guests! Listeners call in and email about all kinds of spiritual and metaphysical topics including dreams, past lives, our loved ones on the other side and Reiki healing. Francine also talks about meditation barriers and her work as a medium and workshop facilitator.

The Donna Seebo Show, November 21, 2013

Jim Harold, a popular talk show host, has compiled 70 true life ghosts stories that people have shared with him on his show.  Want to be spooked?  Tune in.

Guest, Jim Harold

Guest Occupation: 
Writer, Talk Show Host

The Donna Seebo Show, November 5, 2013

Death - an experience all of us will have.  Can it be de-mystified and understood?  Echo has had personal experiences that she will talk about and we'll learn about her perceptions of the other side of this experience of life.

Guest, Echo Bodine

Guest Occupation: 
Spiritual Healer, Psychic, and Teacher

Guest Name, Rebecca J Steiger

Author's Photo from "And the Angels Speak" by Rebecca J. Steiger
Rebecca J Steiger
Angelic Psychic Channeler (Medium), Master Reiki Teacher/Practicioner, Talk Show Host, Author

Rebecca's journey began in 1993 when her life was transformed in an instant, through the most horrid experience ever. a tornado. Rebecca and her grandson were blown out of a house and into a field under an old satellite dish.  At that time, she saw herself standing before God and his judgment.  Her sister-in-law, who had previously passed away, was leaning over God's shoulder and said, "Not now, Lord; for she still has lots of things to do."

After that horrific event, Rebecca slowly came to learn of the gifts God had given her, and why she was returned to this Earth. She not only helps others through the Angelic Realm, but is also a Master Reiki through which she uses her God given gifts to heal others.-law, who had previously passed away, was leaning over God's shoulder and said, "Not now, Lord; for she still has lots of things to do."

Rebecca is a twice published author of "And The Angels Spoke" (2005) and "From Ashes to Angel Light" (2006). In 2013, Rebecca revised and updated her first book and has been republished by Balboa Press as "And the Angels Speak". Her second book will be republished in 2014 and a third book will follow shortly thereafter.

Rebecca hosts a weekly internet talk show on where she discusses a wide ranging view of topics relating to metaphysical and spiritual subjects. She is also an Inspirational Lecturer for public, private and corporate events where she shares her knowledge with others.

In her private time, Rebecca leads an active life with her two children, Amy and Andy, and five grandchildren, Clay, Kinzie, Montana, Abby and Cole. She also enjoys raising and showing Registered Quarter Horses and German Shepherd dogs. Being a free spirit, Rebecca enjoys long walks through the beautiful forests that surround her family farm and taking in the quiet, spiritual surroundings.


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