Interviewing The Legends, November 12, 2019

Interviewing The Legends with Ray Shasho

David Lee Marks is best known for his work as a member of The Beach Boys. Growing up across the street from the Wilson family, Marks spent his formative years singing and playing with Brian, Dennis, and Carl Wilson. 


Guest, Don Felder

Guest Occupation: 

Life With The Girlfriends, November 10, 2019

Life With The Girlfriends with Christine Marie Peters and Julie Peters

Life With The Girlfriends with Christine Marie and Julie Peters

Topic: UFOs and Catholic Trivia Night

Dont Panic Its Organic, November 10, 2019

Don’t Panic It’s Organic with andy Lopez aka Invisible Gardener

Don't Panic It's Organic with Andy Lopez, aka: The Invisible Gardener

Beyond Mind, November 9, 2019

Beyond Mind with Christina Winslow

Beyond Mind with Christina Winslow

Guest, Ted Winslow, toning

Guest, Jack Russell

Guest Occupation: 

The Balanced Millionaire, November 6, 2019

The Balanced Millionaire with Eileen Mendel

The Balanced Millionaire with Eileen Mendel

Guest, Bill Protzmann (PRAHTS’-man) is a man on a mission: to raise awareness of the power of music as self care.


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