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Doctorate in Energy Information Sciences, Extraterrestrial Communications Researcher, Chiropractor, Music Producer, Recording Artist, Songwriter, Publisher, Writer, Screenwriter, Author, Lecturer, Ufologist
Mathematician, Social Scientist, Political Scientist, Teacher, Lead Scholar, Remote Viewing Expert, Researcher, Director and Founder of The Farsight Institute, Consciousness Explorer, Keynote Speaker, Writer, Author, Singer, Actor, Videographer
Singer, Performer, Daughter of Famous Dr. Fred Bell
Author, Cellular Memory Authority, Speaker, Songwriter, Singer, Musician, Recording Artist, Doctor, Acupuncturist
Radio Show Host, Producer, Broadcast Announcer, Narrator, Contributing Scholar, Voice Over Artist, Musician, Vocalist
Singer, Entertainer, Speaker, Vocal Coach, Writer
Accoustic, Reggae, Rock, Funk, Ska, Hip-hop, Musicians, Band, Music Artists, Songwriters
Guitarist, Flamenco, Latin and Jazz Musician, Lecturer, Sovereignty Law Researcher, Astrotheology Researcher, World Corruption Explorer
Fashion Editor, Writer, Columnist, Author, Mediaval Historian, Linguist, Journalist, Editor-at-Large, Artist Advisor, Speaker, Artistic Administrator