Guest Name, Dan Rust

Dan Rust - author of Workplace Poker - Are you playing the game, or just getting played?
Dan Rust
Career Adviser / Corporate Training Leader

Dan Rust is the founder of Frontline Learning, an international publisher of corporate training resources. His award-winning keynote speeches and workshops focus on employee engagement, productivity, and career management. He lives in Minneapolis, Minnesota and Scottsdale, Arizona.

Book Review from the Library Journal:

Workplace Poker: Are You Playing the Game, or Just Getting Played?

Learning to play the “game under the game” is how Rust, Frontline Learning founder and a 30-plus-year corporate training consultant, views the compilation of strategies and skills necessary to make decisions and achieve goals. The tools and techniques described here do not replace hard work, talent, or ambition, nor do they involve unethical manipulation. Instead, Rust makes the “game under the game” transparent, giving practical, executable insight into reading people, navigating workplace politics, identifying blind spots, improving interpersonal communication, executing self-promotion, developing emotional resilience, and managing energy to go the distance. Weaving real-life stories in a smart, informal, no-nonsense style, from individuals who have applied these strategies within their own career trajectories, Rust highlights their application and increases the reader’s understanding. VERDICT Written particularly for students of business and workplace culture, the author’s observations and strategies will undoubtedly speak to those reviewing a career misstep or contemplating a career change as well.

Guest Name, Justin Constantine

Justin Constantine
Justin Constantine
Inspirational Speaker and Leadership Advisor

Justin Constantine is a former Marine and attorney and is now an inspirational speaker and leadership consultant.  He advises the corporate community on military issues and sustaining employee peak performance.  He survived a gunshot wound to the head while serving in Iraq.

Justin retired from the Marine Corps with the rank of Lieutenant Colonel.  He now serves on the board of directors of the Wounded Warrior Project and several other national nonprofit organizations.  He is also a senior advisor at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation, where he leads a team focused on employment opportunities for wounded veterans and their caregivers. Justin was also a founding principal of Veteran Integration Solutions, a disabled veteran owned small business that designs, develops and delivers customized and engaging training to assist organizations with every aspect of their military hiring programs.

Justin speaks at numerous corporate, educational and military events about leadership, the upside of change, teamwork and overcoming adversity. He recently completed his first book, My Battlefield, Your Office: Leadership Lessons From the Front Lines, which focuses on teaching mid-level managers how to lead people.  He also co-founded the Veteran Success Resource Group in 2015, a military nonprofit that provides full spectrum resources for veterans and their families to connect with community businesses, veteran service organizations, government agencies and universities.

His writing on military and leadership issues has been featured in such outlets as CNN, Time, the Washington Post, The Atlantic, Forbes magazine, USA Today, Business Insider, Stars and Stripes and the Huffington Post.  Justin is also a co-host of the weekly Internet program, Military Network Radio, covering topics of interest to veterans and military families. 

Justin graduated from James Madison University in 1992 with a double major in English and Political Science and a minor in German.  He graduated from the University of Denver School of Law in 1998, and joined the U.S. Marine Corps after his second year of law school.  While on active duty, he served as a Judge Advocate specializing in criminal law, and worked as a defense counsel and criminal prosecutor.

He deployed to Iraq in 2006, serving as a Civil Affairs Team Leader while attached to an infantry battalion. While on a routine combat patrol, Justin was shot in the head by a sniper.  Although the original prognosis was that he had been killed in action, Justin survived thanks to risks taken by his fellow Marines and a courageous Navy Corpsman.  For his service in Iraq, he earned the Purple Heart, Combat Action Ribbon and Navy-Marine Corps Commendation Medal.

After recovering from his injuries, Justin worked at the U.S. Department of Justice and as Counsel for the Senate Veterans’ Affairs Committee. More recently, he worked for several years with the FBI as an attorney on a counterterrorism team. Justin was the Honor Graduate of his class at the Marine Corps Command and Staff College, and in 2011 the Secretary of Defense appointed him to a four-year term on the Task Force for Recovering Warriors. In 2015 he graduated with distinction from Georgetown University with a Master of Laws degree focusing on National Security.

In 2012 the Virginia Legislature passed a commending resolution highlighting Justin’s continued support of veterans and other wounded warriors.  Justin has been named a Champion of Change by the White House, and also was awarded the prestigious inaugural 2014 Lincoln Award recognizing his outstanding achievement and excellence in providing opportunities and support to our nation’s veterans and military families. 

Guest Name, Malcolm J Brenner

Malcolm J. Brenner
Malcolm J Brenner
Freelance writer/photographer, novelist

Born 1951 in New Jersey to a family that believed in Wilhelm Reich's crazy "orgone energy" theories. Graduated New College of Florida, 1974.  I ran a photo lab in Seattle from 1980-1985 and worked as a reporter covering the Navajo Nation, 1992-1999.  Retired in 2013, now freelancing my photography and self-publishing my books.

Guest Name, Terrance D Schemansky

Terrance D. Schemansky
Terrance D Schemansky
Owner of Music Business Connection, and 3000 Records

As a guest on your show, I would like to talk about the music business, new technology related to music, and other music business topics...

In the Spring of 1996 Terrance D. Schemansky started a record company called 3000 Records. The label started out mostly as a concept (a name) used for the organization of a local compilation album in Kalamazoo, Michigan! After that first local project, another album was organized nationally. By the year 2000, through the use of the internet, the company started to slowly grow worldwide. Since then a variety of promotional services have been created, and the label is used for helping musicians and other record labels with their promotional needs. Let’s face it, everyone knows the music business is “tough”. However, the approach taken by 3000 Records has been to build relationships one person at a time. Whether it’s conneting with people in the music industry (Ex: radio DJs, A&R, producers, etc.) OR connecting with other musicians, we realize the importance of networking. With each connection, we have been able to continue to grow while helping musicians reach the ears of the music industry and music fans. In an industry where there is a ton of noise and static, we cut through and reach people one on one.

Guest, Donald Newsom

Guest Occupation: 
Founder, BBS Radio

Guest, Christina Winslow

Guest Occupation: 
Publisher, Author, Speaker

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Guest, Karen A Thomas

Guest Occupation: 
Civility Analyst Etiquette Coach

The Holistic Health Show, October 11, 2014

Dr McLaughlin is an award winning Professor and Head of Largest and most Respected Harp Departments in the world. More information was presented earlier on this site and is available at:

Guest, Dan Cunningham

Guest Occupation: 
Financial Controller, Business Consultant


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