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"Opening the Windows of Your Mind", March 10, 2015


Just a reminder that tonight at 7 PM PT is the time that Rochelle and I put aside to explore what it means to be human--its follies, foibles, and profundities. 

Energy Medicine Radio, March 17, 2015

Energy Medicine Radio with Dr Wu Dhi

Interview with Dr Ronald Klatz of

The Holistic Health Show, July 6, 2013

Guests on my show yesterday were Dr Dean silver and Laurie Beck.

Dr Silver  is board certified  and specializes in cardiology, internal  medicine and anti aging medicine. He overcome lymphoma using natural interventions.

The Holistic Health Show, May 25, 2013

The Holistic Health Show Dr Judy Seeger and Jan Jargon were guests on the Holistic Health show yesterday.

The Holistic Health Show, April 13, 2013

Guest on the show next week will be Becki Hawlins (left) and Debbie Campanelli.

The Holistic Health Show, March 16, 2013

My apologies for the changes over the past week. I now have my computer back and hopefully, postings will continue as before. Dr Elsinger will be my next guest.

The Holistic Health Show, February 16, 2013

My guest on Saturday was Professor Brian Peskin who is Founder of Lifestyle Engineering Science and author of 8 books including the Hidden Story of Cancer. More information was presented earlier on this site and can be found at:

Guest, Dr Ronald Klatz

Guest Occupation: 
Physician, medical scientist, futurist, and innovator


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