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Guest Name, Deborah Morgan

Deborah Morgan
Deborah Morgan
Holistic Nutritionist and Founder of Kids Health Revolution

Deborah Morgan is the creator and head revolutionary at Kid’s Health Revolution, a resource and community for parents of kids with chronic health conditions. She is the fierce mama bear of one busy little boy who was diagnosed with an autoimmune condition at just 2 years old. She was told there was very little that could be done, but Deborah refused to give up.  She did what everyone told her couldn’t be done and used diet and natural approaches to dramatically improve her son’s health.

This experience inspired her quest to transform the way we approach children’s health, by supporting parents in using the essential tools of nutrition, microflora balancing and lifestyle.

Feeling lost and overwhelmed in the search for solutions to help her son almost stopped Deborah from taking action, it is why she founded Kid’s Health Revolution.  A safe place for parents to find a sense of community, to feel less alone, to find trustworthy information based on both science and personal success and to feel empowered to take action.

Deborah is a Certified Holistic Nutrition Consultant and GAPS certified practitioner. Through her online community, you tube videos, workshops, coaching programs and one on one consulting, Deborah is helping parents make the changes that will support the future health and happiness of our children. 

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