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Anxiety Solutions in a Fear-Filled World

What is the difference between anxiety and stress overwhelm?
What is an anxiety attack, and what is happening in the body?
How can you reduce, and even eliminate anxiety naturally, and without medications?

We'll be discussing many natural ways to better cope with the stressful, fear and anxiety-producing world we live in these days.

Is Your Brain All it Can Be?

Tonight we will be talking with Expert Brain Trainer Jessie-Rodriguez-Melendez about a vital topic… Brain Health.  She'll answer many questions, including

*What are the dangers to your brain from living in our current, fast-paced World and how can you protect your brain?

*How does your Brain help your overall life functions?

*What can we do to optimize the brain to your overall performance, your productivity and especially, happiness!

Best Practices for Setting and Achieving Goals

How can you set goals in the first place, so they stick.  Many people neglect this vital exercise and, as a result, don't achieve things that are important to them.  This happens for many reasons - as varied as human beings can be.

We'll speak about how to set goals, keep your commitments to your goal and yourself in the midst of challenges and obstacles and keep your motivation high.

Habits Make or Break Your Goals
-What do habits have to do with achieving your 
-What is a habit really and how do habits develop?
-What are the most successful ways to break a 
    bad habit or create a good one?

We’ll be discussing this, and much more to assist you with way to insure your successful  goal achievement by cultivating the habits that support your success, and remove the habits that steal your productivity.

Topic: How to Stop Self-Sabotage through NLP & Parts

-Have you ever said, “Part of me wants to do something, 
  but part of me doesn’t”? 
-Have you ever promised yourself thing like “I am definitely 
  going to start my diet, or change careers, or stop 
  procrastinating,” but then you didn’t do it?.  

Self-sabotage is something we hear from our clients often. We want to help make sure you don’t give up on your due to unconscious self-sabotaging patterns

Topic: How Your Beliefs Shape Your Life

All about Beliefs
1. Just what is a belief?
2. How do your beliefs form – where do they come from?
3. What’s the difference between beliefs and values?
4. How do beliefs help us?
5. How do some beliefs cause harm?
6. Can beliefs be changed?

Retired Chief State of Connecticut Animal Control Unit and New England Federation of Humane Societies

Radio Toni A Conversation with Kez with Kez Wickham St George

Michelle Gardiner is the Founder/Director of The Aspire Series, which is a movement and platform for women who are dedicated to pioneering social change and impact as well as a methodology in facilitating change work in the community. 

Breaking the Silence with Dr. Gregory Williams and guest Dr. Larry Carnes, CEO/President of Optimum Leadership Coach, Author and Speaker