Guest, Joseph Lopisi

Guest Occupation: 
Lawyer, 9/11 Truther, Webmaster, Researcher

Guest, Andrea Mikana-Pinkham

Guest Occupation: 
Sacrad Travel Experiencer, Coordinator, Travel Agent, Tour Director, Speaker, Facilitator, Grand Prioress, Advisor, Reiki Master, Teacher, Intuitive Channel, Spiritual Counselor

Guest, Richard Gabriel

Guest Occupation: 
Elderly Care Manager, Investigative Archaeologist, Giza Foundation Founder, Author

Guest, Lynn Picknett

Guest Occupation: 
Teacher, Stand Up Comic, Editor, Columnist, TV Presenter, Curator, Researcher, Writer, Author

Guest, Shawn Sinclair

Guest Occupation: 
Writer, Radio Show Host, DNA Researcher

Guest, Kevin Gest

Guest Occupation: 
Senior Warden, Charity Stewart, Brother, Royal Arch Chapter Member, Author, Writer, Freemason, Engineer, Knights Templar Researcher

Guest, Robert Hieronimus

Guest Occupation: 
Historian, Visual Artist, Radio Host, Author, Investigative Researcher, Secret Society Authority

Guest, Klaus Dona

Guest Occupation: 
Spiritual Archeologist, Art Curator, Out of Place Artifacts Expert, Author, Researcher

Guest, Eric Carter

Guest Occupation: 
Grand Marshal of North America, Pontifical Knight


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