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Stargate Round Table, April 2, 2015

Stargate Round Table

Interview 2nd hour with Dr. Wiley Green DDS

Guest, Werner Brandmaier

Guest Occupation: 
Dipl.Ing, Studied Traditional Chinese Medicine, classical Feng Shui and Geopathology

Conscious Thought with Leo, April 1, 2015

Conscious Thought with Leo with Magdalena Winkler and guest Chris Cray, from Life Changing Fitness. I f you have a challenge with you fitness goals or struggling to make it happen by listening to the show you will find many valuable answers. Fitness is becoming a lifestyle and the norm.and by creating a network that will support that could make your life much easier.

"Easter & Passover", March 31, 2015

Hello again,

Please join Rochelle and I tonight at 7 PM (PT) as we celebrate the upcoming event--the Last Supper and the the first night of Passover falling on the same day.

​What both Passover and Easter have in common is a new beginning.

(Easter from Eastre is believed to be an ancient word for spring.)

Guest, Margaret M Lynch

Guest Occupation: 
Inspirational Speaker, Wealth Coach, & Best-selling Author

Guest, Chris Cray

Guest Occupation: 
Owner / Trainer

ET Yoga, March 28, 2015

ET Yoga with Charles Green This Episode contained information about a Spiritual Journey related to techniques, the Ascension Process, and cutting edge info on DNA and Genetics. 

As You Wish Talk Radio, March 28, 2015

Laura Eisenhower and Madisun Truesdell are the Justice Twins...  Committed to sharing the truth about Dark Technologies and bringing together a community ready to take action to initiate change. James interviews them tonight about the Justice Twins Mission Statement and how you can get involved.


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