Fitness & Exercise

Guest, Gabriel Cordell

Guest Occupation: 
Motivational Self-Healer, Activist for Human Potential, Stage and Screen Actor

Guest, Melanie Vritchan

Guest Occupation: 
Communications Manager, Public Relations and Events Manager, Media and Group Organizer, Marathon Runner, Group Marathon Team Leader, member of the Board of the European Coalition Against Covert Harassment

Guest, Joseph Kaye

Guest Occupation: 
An Accomplished Physician in Allopathic Medicine, Internal Medicine and Emergency Medicine, Owns His Own Dedicated Practice of Integrative and Functional Medicine

Guest, Joe Mullaly

Guest Occupation: 
Diviner, Psychic Reader, Teacher, Healer, Meditator

Guest, Latricia Wright

Guest Occupation: 
Owner of Olive Seed LLC, Health Promoter, Body Chemistry Analyst, Herbalist, Sports Nutrition Consultant, Kids Fitness Instructor, Holistic Researcher, Cook


Today we discuss Women's Health through herbs with Latricia Wright the owner and founder of Olive Seed. We will be discussing not only how herbs can be used in our daily diet to counteract aging related illness, but also the many ways in which to use and integrate them.

Guest, Mark Moyad

Guest Occupation: 
Writer, Author, Consultant, Urologist, Director, Researcher, Educator, Sexual Performace Product Developer, Natural Alternatives Practitioner, Editor, Lecturer, Media Expert, Most Influential Doctor Distinction, Humanitarian, Nutritionist


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