Energy Healing

Guest, Brian David Anderson

Guest Occupation: 
Photojournalist, Self-Employed at Tri-Vortex Institute

The Metaphysical Hour, January 3, 2020

The Metaphysical Hour hosted by Julia Cannon

The Metaphysical Hour with Julia Cannon and guests Tracie Mahan and Tamira McGillivray

YouTube Video Link:

A Fireside Chat, December 28, 2019

A Fireside Chat with Lance White (The Zany Mystic)

Guest, Carla J Fox Quantum Metaphysician, Astrologer, Author will talk about the upcoming astrological events.  The main event is a planetary conjunction of Saturn and Pluto which is said to jump start major societal changes - for the better!

Guest Name, Claudiu Murgan

Claudiu Murgan
Claudiu Murgan
IT Project Manager & writer

Claudiu is a published author. Two novels: The Decadence of Our Souls (Fantasy-2017 - translated into Romanian) and Water Entanglement (Speculative Fiction-2018 - translated into Romanian). His short stories have been published in various anthologies of SFF.

Claudiu is one of the co-founders of the Immigrant Writers Association in Toronto, and the Vice President of, the world's only encyclopedia for authors.

Guest, Tom Paladino

Guest Occupation: 
Researcher, scientist, healer

Guest, Candia L Sanders

Guest Occupation: 
international medical intuitive, high-frequency energy healer, motivator, speaker, the ultimate optimist and outdoor enthusiast

Guest, Audrye S Arbe

Guest Occupation: 
Mystic Clairvoyant Intuitive, an Award-Winning Author, Artist, TV Producer-Host, keynote Speaker

Health In Action Live, November 11, 2019

Health In Action Live with Annette Blanchard

Health In Action Live with Annette Blanchard

Guest, Debbie Anderson

Topic, Vibrational Energy & Healing


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