Energy Healing

Sanctuary and Energetic Matrix, August 26, 2013

Stephen Lewis, author of the book Sanctuary, explains the AIM Program and

Guest, Joseph Kaye

Guest Occupation: 
An Accomplished Physician in Allopathic Medicine, Internal Medicine and Emergency Medicine, Owns His Own Dedicated Practice of Integrative and Functional Medicine

Guest, Nora Herold

Guest Occupation: 
Channel, Lecturer, Teacher, Reiki Master

Guest, Garland Landrith

Guest Occupation: 
Quantum Field Psychologist, Teacher, Energy Healer, Writer, Public Speaker

Guest, Richard Moss

Guest Occupation: 
Globally Renowned Physician-turned-Master Healer, International Bestselling Hay House Author, Workshop and Retreat Leader, International Teacher and Public Speaker

Guest, Astarius Miraculii

Guest Occupation: 
Musician, Sound Healer, Reiki Master, Poet and Astrologer


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