Astor Torres the interview!. My other half!., January 20, 2014

Happiness hasn't existed for me, I decided to be happy!, My other half!, Astor Torres interview!, entrevista a Astor Torres!, La felicidad no ha existido para mi, Yo decidi ser feliz!, Mi otra mitad!, 

Guest, James Kozlik

Guest Occupation: 
Permaculture Design and Earth Homes

Guest Name, Sally Jewel Coxe

Sally Jewel Coxe, co-founder of Bonobo Conservation Initiative
Sally Jewel Coxe
President of Bonobo Conservation Initiative

Sally Jewel Coxe is a leading conservationist respected for her selfless dedication. She is the perfect champion of the endangered bonobos and an innovator in making conservation go viral. Sally Jewel Coxe as president of BCI, is helping to heal a war-torn nation, stem climate change, empower women, preserve the planet's second largest rainforest, save our closest living relative and restore dignity to the people of the Congo.

Modeling compassion and cooperation while employing innovative strategies, the Bonobo Conservation Initiative leads the way by instilling pride in ancient traditions respectful of the environment while assisting the people with health care, education and employment opportunities. Not content to merely rescue orphaned bonobos or eliminate the bushmeat trade, BCI works to provide hope for a nation whose people have seen unimaginable violence and devastation. 

Guest, William Quigley

Guest Occupation: 
Human Rights Lawyer

Debut of The Spring of Life Show, January 6, 2014

Debut of The Spring of Life Show with Jasmine Iwaszkiewicz and Benjamin Schmidt

Guest Name, Sarah Jordan

Sarah Jordan
Sarah Jordan
Hoop Dance Instructor

We all know hooping is super fun for all involved, but did you know there are other benefits? I want to share the many ways hula hooping benefits kids.


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