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Guest, Jake Eagle

Guest Occupation: 
Licensed psychotherapist, author and co-founder of

Guest, Linda Wojcik

Guest Occupation: 
Speaker, Author, Entrepreneur, Mother

The Donna Seebo Show, October 14, 2013

Discover the 'ONE' amazing thing you were born to do!  Steve has a real passion for empowering others to awaken to their highest potential.  We'll be sharing tips for you to reach inside yourself and bring out your very best for success.

Guest, Steve Olsher

Guest Occupation: 
Speaker, Author, Entrepreneur

Guest, Don Hoes

Guest Occupation: 
Author of " Higher Consciousness Through Meditation", Teacher, Workshop Leader, Public Speaker, member of the Speakers Bureau for the Science of Spirituality

Guest, Eric Zaremski

Guest Occupation: 
Cosmetic and Restorative Dentist, Adjunct Professor of the University of the Pacific

Guest, Ken Rohla

Guest Occupation: 
President and Founder of Fresh and Alive!, Certified Natural Health Educator, Inventor, Computer Operations Manager, Workshop Leader

Guest, Norman Finkelstein

Guest Occupation: 
Teacher of Political Theory, Author of "Knowing Too Much" and "What Gandhi Says"

Guest, Angela Maiers

Guest Occupation: 
Literacy Expert, Public Speaker, Teacher Educator, Author, Consultant


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