Guest, Craig Frazier

Guest Occupation: 

"I'll Buy That", September 22, 2015

I'll Buy That
PM Tuesdays-live, 8 AM Sundays edited (both-PDT)
"Buying and selling, supply and demand,"--capitalism's essential mantra--. "Eat me, buy me!"  Let the games continue!

Guest, Kato Kaelin

Guest Occupation: 
Fashion Designer, Entertainer, Actor, Comedian

"By the Way", September 15, 2015

The Way as in By the Way
PM Tuesdays-live, 8 AM Sundays edited (both-PDT)

Please join us tonight as we explore "The Way" as in "By the Way" which promises to provide all sorts of radical perspectives and unusual twists of mind."

"Yes and No", September 8, 2015

Yes and No
Mixed feelings, ambivalence, indecision, various perspectives, contradictions, dichotomies--these are just some of the ways that can prompt us to say, "Yes and No."
At the very least, "Yes and No" can set the stage for reconsidering assumptions, judgments and beliefs.

"You'd Be Surprised", September 1, 2015

Face Hitching

​Have you had the experience of a bunch of people yelling "Surprise" at you?  Imagine my surprise when I walked into a friend's house and not only did the group say, "Surprise," but my friend, Jeremy, started spraying me with a water bottle.

Laughter Saves Lives, August 31, 2015

Laughter Saves Lives with John C. Larocchia

Laughter Saves Lives with John C Larocchia and many special guest and call-ins, including Tara Brown and Friends of Firefighters, as well, a plethera of comedians. WOW! What a show!

Guest Name, Nick Lynch

Nick Lynch
Nick Lynch
Speaker, Author, Consultant

Nick Lynch is a professional speaker, writer, and coach. Speaking credits include KCRA, Good Day Sacramento, News10, State Theatre, Successful Thinkers, Vision Service Plan, Bryan College, Tommy T’s Comedy Coldwell Banker, Chase International, Land Home Financial Services, Paramount Equity, Fidelity National Title, Rotary, Kiwanis, Lions, Soroptimist, and The Gathering Inn.Club, Church Alive, Sacramento Association of Realtors, Placer County Association of Realtors, RE/MAX, Century 21, Keller Williams, Prudential,  Public address/event emcee credits include the William Jessup University Warriors Basketball, Del Oro Junior Golden Eagles Football, Capital Road Race Management running events, The Mather Mud Run, Calvary Chapel, and the Roseville Chamber of Commerce.

Nick is the author of Get Real! A Six-Step Formula to Take Responsibility for What You Want, which represents the lifetime development of a concept he refers to as “The Wanter”. Through a simple process, Nick helps individuals and groups get free of fear, and get their deepest desires into their weekly routine. The result of this work is something that Nick calls a “Lifestyle Document”, a weekly personal roadmap which allows people to live their values.

Nick is also a Platinum Certified Trainer and coach with Eric Lofholm International, a leading global sales training organization.Nick is an expert at B to B networking, relationship initiation, and appointment-setting. He has personally made over 50,000 outbound calls in his career, covering many industries. He loves to train business builders in overcoming call reluctance, database creation, referrals, and love and service.

Presentation Topics:

- Fear Removal

- Professional Sales

- Values-Based Prioritization- Personal and/or Personal

- Comedy

- Music Performances

Nick’s family includes his wife Lauren and 3 teenage children. He was the “G.I. Joe” champion of the Mather Mud Run, a 5-mile boot camp-style obstacle course race, and he is the creator of the Strendura Challenge, a fitness circuit which has been used as a model for schools and business. 2015 athletic accomplishments include 1st place overall in the Run with the Eagle in Beaverton, OR, the Tiger Trot in Salt Lake City, UT, and the Del Oro High School Color Run.


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