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The John Ankerberg Show

The Evidence of Jesus Resurrection - part 3

Tony Alamo

People love to hear the doctrine that you can sin. That you can continuously sin, and that you don't have to be transformed into the Lord, into the likeness and image of Him.

Moga - Mercies of God Association with Dr. Peter Nortier

Man A Depraved Creature

Revival Time - North Valley Baptist Church Live with Dr Jack Trieber

Episode from 5-17-2024

The King is Coming with Jeff Kinley

Hope For America

One Voice with Dr. Pastor Larry Montgomery

The Holy Ghost in the Modern Church

Prophecy In The Spotlight with Dan Goodwin

How are we Discerning Scripture? The crowds seem to be more important than the truth! We must follow Biblical Principles

The John Ankerberg Show

Is the Holy Spirit a real entity, Why are students losing their faith

The King is Coming with Jeff Kinley

Today's Difficult Times

Tony Alamo

My brother wanted me to join the Catholic Church and I told him no you're in that cult and I'm not going. I don't want to hear from you anymore until you get saved. And he did get saved because I made that strong stand with him. I hated his way of life, I didn't hate him, I showed him love by making a strong stand and he got saved. He died and now he's in heaven.