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Dr N.Rajgopal, Indian Reputed and much sought after,Vedic Astrologer,channels the Immortal Himalayan Master, Mahavatar Babaji and helps people solve any kind of problem,with Sri Babaji's Guidance, in each and every case, through a Special Divine method called as MindScope.

He is the ONLY Astrologer in India who does Mindscope Readings,with the help and guidance of his Guru, Sri Mahavatar Babaji. (Yes,same Babaji as mentioned in
Yoganandaji's Book-Autobiography Of A Yogi)

Mind boggling discoveries in physics, bio-physics and quantum physics related to the practical level. The shows features 'The Gift of Clarity' from Archangel Zadkiel

Can we heal the universe? Film Maker Oliver Hauck from Germany discusses this concept in his new film The Blue Jewel.  This interview will broadcast onext Saturday and you will not want to miss it..

Author, Multi Life Therapist, radio show personality, Spiritual coach, healing energy channel and anti aging specialist